Have you ever seen your football mad son or daughter set off to school, or to the park or a friend’s house with their books, sports kit or spare clothes in their bag or backpack and their beloved football tucked under their arm, or maybe even swinging at their side in an old carrier bag?  Not great under any circumstances, but utterly terrifying when they are also trying to ride their bike!  Do they then return home with a wet, muddy mess of soggy schoolbooks and muddy clothes all crammed together in their bag?  We saw exactly that with our children and set out to design the Kitsack.  Kitsack is a tough, durable, high quality backpack purpose designed for children or young adults who have a love of football or activity sports.  Kitsack’s unique feature is the special external ventilated pocket that will securely hold a full-size football.  Kitsack also features a large main compartment for schoolwork, sports kit or a change of clothes and, most importantly, incorporates a completely separate water-resistant pocket to carry muddy boots or trainers.  So, the wet muddy things are kept well away from clean clothes and schoolwork and the all-important football is safely stowed in its own secure pocket. Kitsack incorporates lots of other great features too, please read on to see more…..